Unban Request

Banned ? I am sure that had to be a mistake, tell us about it
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Unban Request

Post by Str8_Up » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:17 pm

Hi Im Str8_Up and I thought I was unbanned at one point. But it appears Im banned once again. Im really not sure why.... Ive behaved and changed my avatar but I really wasnt expecting to ever get banned for it. I have been using that avatar for ever...I dont think I have ever change it...but I did to play with other people that I know quite well. I would like to be able to play there in the future.....and this should never happen. Please reconsider

my real name is Arthur Stockard.....Im 67 and definatly not about the bullshit

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Re: Unban Request

Post by WyattEarp » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:26 pm


I responded to the email that you sent to me, I can only assume you got it ?

Sent on 1-6-2020
Arthur ? Art ?

I did unban you, but then it was then told to me that you said you would not play in TCB even if we unbanned you? I don’t recall who told me that but they were wearing a [MEAN] tag so I took it as fact.
Secondly, when you were unbanned I saw that you had changed your profile pic, when you were re-banned it had been changed back to the leaf.
I would be happy to unban you again and I know you probably think this is a silly rule, but it is a rule. We have ours and [MEAN] has theirs, I try to respect the [MEAN] rules when I am there and all I am asking is the same in return.
I will need your steam ID


You should now be unbanned
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